Understanding and serving the customer better than anyone else to ensure that we deliver on our word, while operating with honesty and integrity.

Our service philosophy


With over 100+ years of combined experience, we bridge the gap between contractors and manufacturers, but we are not just a distributor. We provide full engineering support for both the electrical and mechanical operation of power distribution equipment. Our solutions are used throughout Ontario in all major industries: critical, industrial, commercial and residential.


Our in-house electrical and mechanical engineering team is able to provide a service to customers that no other distributor can. It means that when a customer comes across an unexpected issue on-site, we will help them find a solution. Any distributor can deliver equipment, but our vast experience with custom projects means that we can create the most intelligent and cost effective solutions.

24/7 + 365 Service

We take pride in keeping clients through our immediate and attentive customer service and are ready to help with your project. Some of the services we offer include:

–    Distribution
–    Electrical and mechanical engineering
–    Technical support
–    System design
–    Project management
–    On-Site inspection and testing via partnerships
–    System studies via partnerships
–    Custom manufacturing
–    Retrofits